Rose of Versallies

ImageRose of Versailles. What can I say? It’s one of the best anime’s I have ever watched.

Brief Background

It follows Lady Oscar who was raised as man in order to proceed her father, a general, as a royal guard. As time passes Oscar becomes torn between her privileged  lifestyle and the lives of the impoverished citizens of France. She also discovers her feminine side and need for love.

Why I decided to Sub this Anime.

There were no subtitles made for the Rose of Versallies. I’m guessing the reason being is because it’s old and it never aired in the US. Nevertheless, it has excellent reviews (5 star) and the storyline is compelling and has historical elements. Furthermore, the speech is not so cliche and is very clear. I love the fact that the honorifics are used often. So I took it upon myself to create Japanese subtitles for this anime classic.


When I was in school, I didn’t learned anything about the French Revolution. ( Sad, right?) And I learned about the existence of the French Revolution from this anime and I went on to read and watch les miserables.

That being said, the Rose of Versallies has some weakness. Obviously, one wekaness is it’s age. The age shows since it was made at the end of the 1970’s. This is also one of the oldest animes I have ever watched. The production reflects the late 70’s.¬† Old but great.

The other weakness is the tendency for this anime to over-dramatize events. I don’t know if this tendency is purely an element that reflects the time in which it was made. But windows shattering, water fountains spilling over, and birds flying angrily after a major scene occurs gets pretty annoying after a while.

Other than that the story is great. And I wish more brilliant anime of this caliber can be produce today!



Learn Japanese with Anime: Introduction.

Learn Japanese With Anime with Japanese and English Subtitles

Learn Japanese Through anime

Welcome to Learn Japanese through anime the blog! My website is:

You can see all the anime lyrics, and videos with ebooks there. This blog was created so that I can post extra thoughts on that I cannot post on my website as making another “blog” like page would slow down my website.Introduction: My nickname is Lena or Leah.¬† I have liked anime since I was 10. I have been learning languages since I was 15. When I set out to learn Japanese, I was frustrated by not having Japanese subtitles available for the videos. Whenever I learn a language, I love to read the text first and then listen or listen and then read the text first. Then I would go back and listen to the material without the text. This would dramatically improve my listening skills.

However, with Japanese I noticed there wasn’t too many Japanese subtitles available on video. The only text with audio that I was finding was with songs and lyrics, which is good but I had wanted to listen to Japanese in a normal spoken manner. So I searched the web. The only material that I was finding that provided some relevant text with audio were like educational material like books or places that taught Japanese online.

A year into my Japanese studies I went out to search the web again for material with Japanese subtitles. My search turned up dry, I had even read that the Japanese did not think about hearing impaired individuals too much and normally did not provide subtitles with Tv shows and stuff. But to make a long story short I had eventually found some subbing communities and fujisankei which provided subtitles along with the audio. I loved it!

But it was tiring. The subtitles were not directly on the video, so I had to kind of keep on switching back and forth between the paper with the Japanese script and the video. And switching occurred more often as some words and grammar structures were advanced and I did not understand.

So, I came up with the idea of having anime videos subbed in Japanese around this time. I seen that many Japanese learners were interested in learning Japanese because of games and anime. Unfortunately, there wasn’t too much materials around that would allow them to learn through their interests. I tried to get other people to help me sub the videos, but that did not work out too well. Long story short, I learned the basics of subbing and I made some videos myself.

I hope I’m not too shabby at subbing ( I just started!) but I do try my best and I hope to learn some more advanced techniques. But for now I’ll post the videos I have and I hope those in the Japanese language community will find them helpful!